Eyelash Extensions and Safety During COVID-19

Beauty salons and other related businesses have had to close for much of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, many of them are beginning to reopen. However, there are a lot of safety concerns professionals and customers have. 

People are easing back into their routine manicures, haircuts, eyelash extensions, and much more. 

The pandemic has altered our ways of doing many things, most public services. Eyelash extensions are no exception. There are many safety precautions to consider. The safeguards don’t just include masks and social distancing either. Thankfully, professionals can provide services safely by ensuring these precautions get implemented.

Don’t Allow Extra People in the Salon

One of the vital safety measures businesses are using is operating at a limited capacity. This precaution means not letting extra people into the building who don’t need to be there. Many people like to bring their friends and family members to appointments, even if they don’t have appointments themselves. Guidelines state this isn’t a good idea. 

Operating on a limited capacity means that people can safely social distance. Six feet apart (1.9 metres) is the recommendation. Many salons alter their setup, spacing their tables farther apart and other equipment. Some maintain a 25 percent capacity. 

Good Ventilation is Important

Clementina Richardson, the founder and owner of Envious Lashes in New York City installed a new ventilation system in her salon, similar to those of hospitals. Any salon you attend should do something similar.

Suppose it’s impossible to install a new ventilation system, operating with the windows open or even outside is a good option. It may seem like an uncomfortable idea, but it decreases the chances of exposure to viruses–including COVID-19. 

Communicate About Testing

Dionne Phillips, owner and founder of D’Lashes in Beverly Hills, CA, requires clients to get a COVID-19 test and send their test results before their appointment. She sends the clients her test results as well. The State of California doesn’t require it, but she does it for her clients’ safety–and her own. 

Clients receive information about the procedures at the same time they book an appointment. This communication ensures the clients are not surprised.

In addition to tests, many salons do routine temperature checks before clients and staff enter the salon. These precautions can be timely and stressful, but they help keep everyone safe. 

Provide Info on Sanitation Procedures

Sanitation between customers isn’t always required. Different businesses do it differently, and it’s essential to find out what your salon does. 

Phillips said she has disposable supplies, a cashless credit card machine, and cleans her memory foam chairs between appointments. She wears a shield, mask, and gloves. She also received a barbicide certification to learn how to clean her tools properly. 

Other sanitation procedures salons include UVC or UV lights to sanitise tools and to disinfect client chairs. 

For eyelash extensions, clients should make sure the technician washes their hands or puts on a new pair of gloves in front of them. Customers and staff should feel safe, and salons usually won’t have problems complying with these requests. 

Recommended Hygiene Measures

Here are some of the highly recommended procedures.

  • If you or your staff experience fever, breathing difficulties, and coughing, make sure to stay home and call an expert for advice on the next steps you need to take for appropriate diagnosis and treatment protocol. 
  • Place hand sanitiser at the salon entrance and ask clients to use it generously upon arrival.
  • Keep a minimum of 1 metre of distance between you and anyone with symptoms like coughing or sneezing. It would help if you also supply your staff members with personal protective equipment they can wear while providing clients treatment.
  • It would help if you enforced strict handwashing in the salon. All staff members should wash their hands with alcohol-based hand soap to kill all viruses, particularly in between clients.
  • Avoid touching your face, nose, eyes, and mouth since these are vital entryways for the virus. 
  • Require the best respiratory hygiene at all times. It would help if you covered your mouth and nose with a bent elbow or a tissue whenever you cough or sneeze. Throw away soiled tissue paper right away to prevent cross-infection. 
  • Keep yourself informed about the latest developments about COVID-19 in your city or town. 

Know the Risks

Even with all precautions taken, there remains a risk of infection. Although most transmissions happen via nasal and mouth droplets, transmission can occur from parts of the body such as the eyes. The only way to keep yourself from acquiring the virus is not to contact someone at all. This fact can mean not working for lash artists and not getting anything done for the clients. 

Trusting your technician or clients, being aware of sharing the procedures, and taking precautions can drastically reduce your transmission risk. But it’s still important to know what you’re risking. 

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