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Welcome to Lashia

Our story began in 2006 in a small town of Stockholm, Sweden. Working out of my old bedroom, we were one of the first in Sweden to specialise in Eyelash Extensions. 2010, Lashia was born, and we were the only training provider offering a 4 day course for Eyelash Extensions. Our passion for unique Eyelash design, high quality training and products brought our vision to life. Today our program is world renowned, we have trained thousands of experts worldwide, and our 5 day curriculum offers some of the most thorough foundation training on the market today.

Our products bring together the finest materials for Lash Extensions, and long-term collaborations with our manufacturers can guarantee consistent level of supply, high quality products, and fast service. We believe in quality, care, and creating unique products that everyone can enjoy.

Lashia is the distributor of high-end quality Lash Supplies from multi-award-winner Beautier, and stocks only the best lights, tweezers, and disposables for safe and sustainable Eyelash Extensions. We work only together with the best Lash Artists, and offer exclusive personalised training for those wanting to follow our path as Lash Experts and Industry Leaders.

Welcome to Lashia. We are more than just a Lash Supplier.

Thank you for supporting a small, local family business.

xx Mimmi Ebbersten
Lashia Australia


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Eyelash Extension training

Lashia’s curriculum for Eyelash Extensions has been developed over 14 years, recognised worldwide and nominated by NALA Awards in Canada.

Be the first to make a difference in your area. We will help you in your Lash Business startup. We offer mentored training in small groups.

Lashia is situated in the Gold Coast, only a short drive from Brisbane CBD, the Sunshine Coast or Tweed/Northen NSW.

Professional Eyelash Extension products

Eyelash Extension products

The Lashia Megastore is where you will find your quality Eyelash Extension products. Being one of the first online stores for lash products, launched in 2008, we can ensure fast shipping and premium service.
Shop online now or over the counter at our Gold Coast location.

We are all in this together

The Lashia Network

At Lashia, you will never be alone. Advanced Lashia Eyelash Designers help the less experienced Trainees.

Check out our hashtags #lashiatrainee or #lashianetwork on Instagram to see other Lashia Designers work.

Join our Lashianetwork facebook group and connect with other Lashia Designers.

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Learn eyelash extensions from home

Lashia online Courses

Lashia's Online Accelerator allows you to study all the theory online, complete your practical doll sets at your own pace, but still having contact with your Lashia Mentor.

Included in Lashia ́s Online course are 3 free Mentored Lash Sessions virtually or in person.

Lashia Eyelash Extension Training

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