MAD Volume 0.06 self fanning lashes (mini trays)

$19 $25

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Have you been struggling with hand made russian volume to the point you have resorted to cheap pre-mades? Are you realising product cost is actually higher because a tray of premade fans hold less product than a tray of individual silk?

Now you can apply hand made volume lashes easier than ever.

Prime Mad Volume lashes is the newest invention for volume extension lovers. Beautier's extremely black, self fanning, high-tech manufactured mad volume lashes are double layered with two lengths in one row. Simply pinch the amount of lashes you need in a fan, pull gently off the strip, and watch the fibers fall into the perfect fan everytime.

The extremely black fibers create denser volume sets than you have ever achieved before.

*We recommend that you have completed a Russian Volume course with a reputable trainer to know weight/length limits and how to customize fans to your client's lashes before using this product on a person.

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